Marrabenta Stories

BEST TV DOCUMENTARY (Jury’s Prize)  & BEST FILM (Public Vote)Caminhos de Cinema Portugues  (Paths of Portuguese Cinema, Portugal) (2006)

BEST DOCUMENTARY (Jury’s Special Mention) & Audience Choice Award (Best Documentary) Cineport I (Lusophone Film Festival, Brazil) (2006)

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Bringing the history and identity of Mozambique to life through the lives and stories of two of it’s old musicians Antonio Marcos and Dilon Djinji, who have sung their way through their country’s rapid historical transformation over the past 40 years from colonialism to communism, through war and famine to the growing and stable yet still struggling nation of today.

On tour in South Africa with their band made up of young talents who mix up Marrabenta rhythms with Hip-Hop and Jazz, Dilon Djinji and Antonio Marcos tell their stories. Evoking the spirit of Mozambique – love and passion, separation and union, tears and laughter, war and peace, they share their philosophical vision based on a life ‘Marrabentando’.

"Marrabentando: the stories my guitar sings” (52m 2005) - Broadcast on RTP, RTPI, SABC,TVM,