From The Ashes (complete Film)

From The Ashes - Complete Story
In October 1992, after 16 years of war, presidents of the two opposing parties in Mozambique signed a peace accord in Rome, and from that moment, the country has been at Peace. The film looks at the role of cleansing ceremonies in the country’s reconciliation process. It is set in a small village in the south of Mozambique and follows people who fought on both sides of the war. The characters have different belief systems and different philosophies. In the film they show their private ways, partly through ritual, partly through personally developed philosophies, of reconciling their past, living the present and working towards their futures. In this extract the Bishop and his family tell their story. Part of an Internationally Commissioned series on Reconciliation in Southern Africa called “Landscape of Memory” where directors were chosen from four African countries with a history of conflict and commissioned to make a film with the theme of reconciliation.  Co-Produced with SACOD (The Southern African Community for Development) and Cinelandia (Mozambique) and broadcast on SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation)  TVM (Televisão de Moçambique) and NBC (Namibian Broadcasting Corporation)