Marrabentando in Gaza

In July 2006, an old converted 1970’s ford truck made its way from Mozambique’s capital Maputo to the province of Gaza. In five selected communities, the population waited expectantly. For many who had seen the posters and heard the announcements, it would be a unique and memorable experience in their lives. The film “Marrabentando: The stories my guitar sings” will be screened for them. It follows two of the kings of Mozambican Marrabenta music, Dilon Djindji and Antonio Marcos, who is from Gaza province and also accompanies the film on the tour. Each day, to the amazement of curious residents, the old truck would be transformed into a cinema and stage and as the sun fell, excited crowds would gather expectantly. This film was filmed and edited as part of a training initiative of young Mozambican film makers and follows the caravan of musicians and film-makers as they travel around the rural communities of Gaza.

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"Marrabentando em Gaza" (12m 2006) - Screened as a short to accompany the award winning documentary "Marrabentando: The stories my guitar sings" at festivals and mobile screenings and was broadcast on RTP, RTPI and TVM.