Em Perigo

A n environmental television series made for Mozambican Television and financed by the Irish Government on the endangered marine life in the waters off the coast off Mozambique. The series was for a young audience and shown both on television and in educational projects throughout  coastal communitiesuses. Two young Mozambican presenters - Mozambique's first generation of trained dive masters - are sent on a series of missions to learn more about the the wonders of their waves and the endangered marine specias that live off the Mozambican coast. These first episodes focus on the Dugong. (Portuguese language version only).

Watch Episode 1 (Missions 1,2 and 3) in full.

Watch Episode 2 (Mission 4 and 5) in full.

"Em Perigo" (Endangered) (3 x 26m, 2007) James Ewen - Camera and Co-Director . Karen Boswall -Producer and Co-Director  Written by James Ewen and Karen Boswall