Boya Boya

Boya Boya (Shine Shine)

Mohammed is 12 years old. He took part in the Syrian uprising in his hometown of Homs before his father asked him to take the women and children of his family to safety in Jordan. He now shines shoes to support the family, still singing the songs of the revolution as he does so. Through song and laughter Mohammed touches the hearts of his clients, but for how long will he be able to keep finding and creating these moments of joy while carrying the burden of such responsibility and sadness? "Boya Boya" (Shine, Shine) is dedicated to all children who have lost their childhood to war and become adults before their time. A video portrait filmed in September 2014 in Irbid, Jordan. 

Due to an educational distribution contract with Alexander Press, this video requires a password to preview. Please contact the filmmaker to request the password. ( 

Directed, Shot & Edited by Karen Boswall (UK)
Produced by Ruba Al Akash (Jordan)